Frequently asked questions

What are Preserved Roses?

Our roses go through a preservation process that absorb a biodegradable substance creating a unique and 100% natural product.

How long do the roses last?

All roses are real and natural and treated with a nontoxic biodegradable substance. The roses maintain a beauty for months without watering or special maintenance. The life of the roses typically is 1 to 3 years.

How do I take care of the roses?

Our roses do not need any type of special maintenance. Here are some tips for you that we recommend for best results: Do not place in a hot or humid area, avoid direct sunlight. Do not remove Roses from box The heat, humidity and direct sunlight will fade the flowers. Keep the items away from clothes or any fabrics that may be stained. Please keep the items away from children. Smoothly use a dust remover for dust. DO NOT SPRAY ANY LIQUIDS OR WATER

Can I customize my order?

Absolutely, we are all about creativity and imagination, so if you have something in mind we can crate the perfect gift for you.